Arriving in Retirement

Retirement Flight

So which comes first in retirement

Growth or Income?

It's hard to imagine booking a flight to Fuji and finding out at the airport flight board that you only have a 50%-75% chance making it all the way. "What!!! I got all the way here I saved and saved and survived endless work drama and now this! There is no way I am going to get on that flight. Maybe you try a different carrier. Oh, the best is an 85% chance of making it nope...I guess I will have to save for a better flight or maybe There is another way, to arrive guaranteed."

Now here is the question why do we take a chance on retirement income? Why do we accept a 50%-75%-85% of running out of money in retirement?

Is it because we don't know of a guaranteed way? Or is it because we like to think we are smarter than the institutional investors and their percentage of chance returns? Or maybe your unique and you will make it because you're lucky.

Sure if you know how to fly you might be able to fix one part of the trip to Fuji but what about the Fuel, the flight path, and the headwinds?

Retirement is similar there are Head Winds"Inflation" and Required Flight Paths" Taxes" and Oh yeah fuel"The Economy"?

There are Guaranteed ways of getting through retirement with enough money. Some of these you may have seen and some I am sure you have not. Contact us to do a review of your retirement options and have a 100% guarantee of getting there!