Carol Powell

VA,D.C. Agent Manager

Work History

25 years experiance aas a carrer insurance agent/financial planner/marketer and consultant with New York Life. Mounumental, Gaurdian and Equitable insuranceCompianies. Frank Wright& company Washington DC& Independent Contractor in the Governement MArket and private sector: Marketed& DeSigned STAT Public Awarness Coordinator with DR. Chirstopher Hayes-PhD withe center for Again Research & Education (CARE)


AS Noted extensive Knowledge,Skill & Ability in MArketing & negotiating group Business& personal life & Health insuranc, annuityies pensions, long term care& disability plans estate planning, living Trust, Non-profit& corprate sponsored speicalty volinterary benefits: lead negootiator with several projects adoption of the Barry Kaye stystem. Specializing  in Federal Goverment direct response supplemental insurance products.

Marketing  Federal Agencies & Private  Agencies such as DOL., NESRA ,Postal Employee servise Association, ASEC, CARE, LFRA & NCWRR

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