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       I have spent the last two weeks working hard to finish some of our biggest projects for the year and learning what it really takes to make a difference in today's world. We at DeRosa&Associates have grown so much over the last year. We added many new faces to our Team and to our Client base. A big thanks to all of you who went out day after day and did your best helping our clients save more, protect more and grow more for their retirement. I want to say a special thanks to the clients who taught me this year new lessons in life and business. Without your tuff questions and long phone calls, we do not grow to be better agents and better Individuals.  As we look to the coming year, we set our goals of building better relationships, educating more, protecting our client's dreams and finding common ground in 2019.              I hope all of our Agents can find new ways to save more, protect more and grow more for our clients in 2019.

Grace and Peace to you all.....